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Best Price Wardrobes

Established in 1998, Best Price Wardrobes is a member of the ‘B Group’ of companies (Builders License Number 154955) and has for many years designed, built and installed high quality wardrobe systems for a wide variety of clients.

Best Price Wardrobes have a long history of delivering quality
wardrobes at the lowest prices, without sacrificing durability or style. Why settle for wardrobes that look like they came from someone else’s home, when you can have high quality robes at realistic prices? Using only quality materials and fixtures, Best Price Wardrobes only design and construct quality wardrobes, and walk-in wardrobe storage systems that are built to stand the test of time, providing many years of service, all at a lower price, but still using the highest quality wardrobe fittings and sliding door fixtures.

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Every wardrobe
is fully custom designed

for that “perfect fit and look” every time, and feature deep and high drawers, adjustable shelves and of course high quality
metal runners to provide effortless door opening.

  • Melamine Doors
  • OPTI-Glass Doors
  • Painted Glass Doors
  • Mirror Doors
  • Routered Doors
  • Walk-in Robe Shelving
  • Painted Glass Doors
  • Custom Designed Wardrobes
  • Remodeling of Old Wardrobes
  • Huge Variety of Design Options
  • Walk-in Robes
  • Massive Colour Range

designs & style


Wardrobe Designs

We offer a huge range of wardrobe designs and styles, so here are some wardrobe layouts to get you started. To see the full details of each layout, sorted by width, simply choose your desired wardrobe width to the right.

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Routered Door Styles

So you have decided what design you want, what about some matching doors?

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Colour options

There are a huge range of colours and finishes available for your new wardrobes

  • Amaro


  • Antique Solid Sheen

    Antique Solid Sheen

  • Antique Solid Sheen

    Antique Ashgrain

  • Antique Solid Texture

    Antique Solid Texture

  • Classic White

    Classic White

  • Classic White Solid Ashgrain

    Classic White Solid Ashgrain

  • Classic White Solid Texture

    Classic White Solid Texture

  • Marina Gray

    Marina Gray

  • New Antique White

    New Antique White

  • Porcelain


  • Provence Wood

    Provence Wood

  • Rocco lini

    Rocco lini

  • Truffle Lini

    Truffle Lini

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  • Ocean Sand Velour

    Ocean Sand Velour

  • Polar White

    Polar White

  • Parchment Velour

    Parchment Velour

  • Seashell Velour

    Seashell Velour

  • Clay Velour

    Clay Velour

  • Oyster Grey Velour

    Oyster Grey Velour

  • Beech Velour

    Beech Velour

  • Cherry Velour

    Cherry Velour

  • Euro Wenge Velour

    Euro Wenge Velour

  • Jarrah Velour

    Jarrah Velour

  • Tasmanian Oak Velour

    Tasmanian Oak Velour

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There are a huge range of colours and finishes available for your new wardrobes